What if you had texting tricks to use on women that would make them 
instantly more attracted to you?
Texting tricks DO exist…and not only do they exist, but they can help you
drastically increase your success with women by just using these simple to
follow tricks.
It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out, if you can use texting tricks…
you can save yourself time, effort, and potential failure when texting women.
So what kind of “Texting Tricks” are there?
Well I’m glad you asked.
Here are 3 of the best texting tricks you can use starting TODAY to 
take your text game to that next level.

#1. The delete her face trick. 

This isn’t so much a trick you can do with your phone, but it IS
one of the most powerful texting tricks you can do with your mind to
make you stop reverting to beginner status when you’re texting a girl you like.
For example.
When guys text a REALLY hot girl..one they REALLY REALLY want…
they tend to forget all the good advice they’ve ever gotten and
that they know works….
And they resort to becoming that stuttering teenager who has barely talked to girls.
Because of the position you’ve already put yourself in.
If you think too highly of her, and you place her too high on a pedestal,
you lower yourself to a place under her.
And you cannot earn the respect of someone when you act beneath them.
When you are eye to eye, level with the person, is when you can exert and show your manliness.
The delete her face texting trick works like this.
A. When you’re texting her…completely forget what she looks like.
Make a conscious effort to imagine she’s just an average 5. One you wouldn’t waste too much time on.
When you can focus and make yourself concentrate on deleting her face, you confidence will exude like you’ve never seen it before.
It works WONDERS.
So…next time you’re texting that really hot girl you want…don’t think about what she looks like.

#2.  The self time-out texting trick.

This one is a self imposed texting trick.
It protects you from what’s called ‘overkill’
Overkill is when you text a girl more than 3 times in a row without her responding back to you.
This is one of the most dangerous things you can do while texting a girl because it shows
the worst characteristic…Neediness.
Imagine if a girl would NOT leave you alone…She kept texting you and texting you 
and texting you. 
Maybe your mom does it..
Mine does.
Always asking me
“Honey how are you?”
“Have you eaten today?”
“When are you coming to visit me?”
We all know how annoying these texts can get.
This is exactly what you sound like to the hot girl you’re texting when you do ‘overkill’
Maybe she’s busy, maybe she’s not feeling well, maybe she just genuinely didn’t see your text.
If you keep texting her, you’re going to get labeled as “one of those creeps’
So it’s best to give her time to respond before you text over and over and over again.
For texting tricks to work, you must implement them in your everyday life.
And not just one time after you learned it.
You must make texting tricks a part of your own self. To the point where it’s not second nature anymore.
You don’t have to force it…
It just comes naturally because that is what works.
If you’ve been having trouble texting women,
Implement these two texting tricks and watch your success skyrocket immediately.
Robbie H.

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