seduce a girl through text messages

How To Seduce A Girl Through Text Messages.

Today, no job is more difficult than impressing a girl. Changing trends means the taste and preferences of women are changing with a speed of the flying bullet. It is very common nowadays to for guys to get friend-zones when texting a girl. Everyone is so interested in knowing whether they can find a life partner or not.

Love has become a game where boys and girls are attracting each other via text messages. Text messages have become the focal point of attraction. A short and sweet message from a boy often makes girls feel their best. Though this is usually the hardest part to learn. But once you master the tricks of seducing women through text messages…no one can stop you from hooking up with the girl of your choice.

Here are some tantalizing tips on how to seduce a girl through text messages.

  • The very first rule that the guys must know before they start seducing women over text messages is: don’t keep messaging a girl over and over if you want her to like you. You need to learn what times are best to change her mood and when she is busy. Only text her when you know she has the time to talk to you.
  • Be clear with your words. This will help you get the fruitful results. Don’t litter your conversation with a bunch of empty language. Have a direct plan to engage her and make the conversation fun.
  • When the entire purpose of your texting a girl is to seduce her, don’t ask for her nudes until she’s almost offering to send them. This shows her that you are more interested in lustful talks….but you’ll gladly accept nudes.
  • To start on a good note, always planned that what type of conversation you will use to seduce her. Girls love and prefer the guys who make them feel alive..and have a hint of mystery. Text her in vivid and lucid manner, so that you won’t have to make much effort to turn her on.
  • Never go out of track. Girls don’t like when guys who keep on talking nonsense and irrelevant things she’s not interested in talking about.  To establish a connection via messages, whether it’s a Whatsapp, Hike or any other social platform like Instagram, keep your messages concise.
  • Emojis can be a great way to express what you are feeling without using words. To make her miss you, send her the RIGHT kinds of emojis through text.

These are a few things to help you learn the art of seduction texting.  Pick up your phone, set the mood and start seducing the girl you like with the most romantic, and seductive messages to make her fall for you. Check out the free training guide written by Robbie Hemingway.

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