H ey dude Happy Friday

I was getting ready to write you this morning then something happened…

I had  someone text me out of the blue literally as I was writing to you

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.58.40 PM

So…I decided to change my newsletter topic to share some really important information with you BEFORE you go out this weekend.

In todays VIP newsletter, I’m going to teach you something that is more important, and easier to get than a phone number…

Ready for Fridays Knowledge bomb? Ok Let’s go

A lot of guys have been saying,
“But Robbie, getting her number is a very personal thing for them so it’s hard to get”
My reply to most of them…”Don’t be a wuss”
But I get it…I do..

If you’re not good at getting numbers then yes…you’ll probably say the wrong thing, and she’ll probably respond with:“Aw I have a boyfriend”,


“I don’t really give my number out”


Because every guy she meets wants the exact same thing, numbers, numbers, numbers.  They think that by getting her number number, or they’ll somehow magically be able to have her.

Nothing could be further from the truth

In fact, This is what usually happens…

1. They get her number…
2. They completely RUIN any brownie points they’ve built up

with her when they send the very first text.

Guys know nothing about texting. And guess what…you have such a HUGE leg up on them because you’re part of this movement to inform yourself. They’re like a baby owl, and you’re like prowling Lion when it comes to knowledge about texting.

What do you do instead of getting her number?

I’m glad you asked… It’s easy….Pay very close attention here….

You Get Her Instagram

In fact, I don’t even get numbers anymore, I just get instagrams.

“Why Robbie?”


Another good question dude, you’re killing it today


#1. It throws them off guard when you don’t ask for their number like every other guy (You’re different)
#2. Instagram is a “social” network…It’s not as personal as a phone number, which she thinks you might spam her with texts like other guys do.

#3. Girls love followers so she’ll gladly let you follow her.

Here’s the cold hard truth…

If you’re not getting at least one date/week from instagram, there’s a problem.

To help you,  I’ve created the first ever training of it’s kind to find out the simple method to get ANY girl off instagram. It’s simple and it’s surefire.

No matter how many followers she has, how much money you have, or how good looking you are.

It’s the same method I use to get the kinds of calibur you see me with every day on MY instagram. I don’t even get numbers anymore, I have too many…
All I get are instagram’s, then i decide which one I want…Then I use

This exact same method…And the rest is history.

It’s awesome.

You are the first one in the world to have this available because you’re a reader of my VIP newsletter. And I always give you the newest strategies before anyone else. Other coaches are BEGGING me to let them tell their clients about this but i said

Not yet, I want my guys to have this before anyone else so they can have the biggest leg up on the competition. So if you’re tired of seeing you know who on instagram and not knowing what to do to get them….

Then you NEED to get this today.

It’s time for Robbie to hit the gym before the weekend