How to text hot girls.

Ever wonder why there are some guys who can text hot girls…and other guys who can’t?

It’s not dumb luck…there are some very important differences between guys who know how to text HOT girls, and guys who don’t.

If you don’t know what those are that’s ok..It’s why you’re reading this right now.

You’re about to discover 3 highly effective strategies on how to text hot girls.

How To Text hot Girls #1. Place NO focus on how good looking she is.

When you focus on the object of your desire in a way that is purely physical, you subconsciously place her on a pedestal, and by default, you beneath her. You lose any “cool” you had, and instead become the fidgety nervous guy that oozes low status behavior.

Women can smell low status behavior from a mile away, because 90% of the guys texting them exhibit the same behavior. They’ve become Pro’s at detecting it.

Even if you think you have good text game, by focusing on how hot she is and how much you want her…you will be thrown off your game.

So when you text her, don’t think about her looks…at all.

Think of he as just some 4 or 5 that you’re texting.

Do this and you will INSTANTLY increase your text game.

How To Text hot Girls #2. Have a strategy for the conversation.

Guys who text hot girls never text just for texting sake, they always have a strategy they stick to when they text the girl they want so bad.

Generals don’t go to war without a plan, so why should you?

Take a second before you start texting her and think about WHY you are texting her. What is your goal? Do you have a purpose?

The hotter the girl is, the more guys she has texting her just to feel special that they texted her, meaning they’re texting her without purpose.

Stop and realize that you’re not the only one who’s texting her. She probably has dozens of other guys who all want to get into her pants the same way you do…

If you’re texting her the same things every other guy is, and wasting her time without a strategy, she will lump you in with all the other guys.

Don’t be another one of ‘those’ guys. Be better.

How To Text hot Girls #3. Don’t invest too much time and effort into her.

Here’s the thing…when you’ve wanted a girl for so long, or you want her to a degree where you’d almost do anything to hook up with her, you lose the element of “I don’t care”

Putting too much effort into one girl shows her that you don’t have many options. That seems low status to women. Women want a man who’s sought after. A man who every woman wants. Secretly they want that trophy. To hold it and shove it in other women faces.

That’s why celebrities like Brad Pitt, George Cloony, and others, have women completely obessed with them. Sure they know they can get any woman they want…thats what excites them. The chase to make them theirs.

Here’s why that works…these guys have so many women after them, they don’t care if they lose one or two, they have 100 others to take their place, so they don’t put too much emphasis into one. If it happens it happens, if not, oh well.

You have to adopt this type of mindset to a certain extent. Even though she might be the hottest girl you’ve ever gotten a number from, you have to act like it’s normal for you.

And to be honest, you’re time and effort is EXTREMELY valuable…

Don’t give it to someone who hasn’t EARNED it. Too many guys are focused on giving way too much way too soon to girls who don’t deserve it. Treat your time and effort with respect and women will be attracted to that.

These are 3 highly successful techniques that will help you how to text hot girls.

Before you press “send” on another text, make sure you memorize, and mentally apply these so

that your actions will bring you immense success.


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Robbie H.