How To Text Girls.

Text messages have always helped men find their way to women’s heart. With this new invention, you can easily have a great conversation with the woman you have been eyeing for a long time. Without any pressure or demand, it is considered as the best and accessible way to impress a girl. To guide you through the breeze, we’ve rounded up a few tips for men that are guaranteed to make your girl hooked onto you:

Don’t keep texting

If you over text her, you will look like a stalker, Make sure you send her short, crisp, meaningful, emotional and funny text. Women are attention seekers but ogling them brings a completely different story. Make things brief in a playful manner. This will definitely mesmerize her.

No grammatical mistakes

When learning how to text girls, penning down perfect grammar is not everyone’s cup of tea but make sure you don’t make silly grammatical errors. Smart guys always tend to turn on girls, so play smart with a text message. Reflect your personality with a perfect message.

Simplicity matters

Don’t deeply explain your day regime to the girl. This makes you look like a fool and overly eager. Reply her slowly as she throws queries at you and has maximum amount of fun. Sometimes silence is more powerful. After she reads your text, it should be so powerful that adrenaline releases and she feel a bit of emotional roller coaster ride.

Take it easy

One of the most important things you need to know to learn how to text girls is the following: If she stops replying, don’t bombard her with innumerable messages. Keep your cool and be patient. She maybe occupied with some work and was not able to reply you because of the same. You both live in a realistic world and have a world aside from texting so stop overreacting and barrage her with weird questions. Only two to three consecutive messages, if she doesn’t reply, let it be.


Flirting with text is more fun as you des-stress yourself. You don’t need to dress up and go out on a date to impress her. Plus, you don’t have to be creative and look for innovative dating ideas to lighten up her mood. Wisely choose your words and practice them before blurting it out. Let words flow. Use emoticons while you text. Things need to be natural and enjoyable.

Go slow

Luckily you can go slow. Rightly said, haste makes waste. Take your time to craft what you are going to say. This is the best way of handling the situation. Don’t fire off the response immediately. Replying immediately is a huge No No. With this you are being portrait as a desperate personality. She feels does he hang on my every word? SO better not make her feel so.


What matters most is long-term satisfaction and gratification. Someone you’ve kept at a distance gradually feels the urge of coming closer to you especially when you are sending the right kind of text messages. Always remember, anticipation is the key.

If you know how to engage a woman’s mind and emotions, you can win over her. While text messaging, you have enough time to plan to get the best reaction that you desire.

This is how to text girls.

If you genuinely want to make a woman fall in love with you, prefer text messages over anything else then magnetize her and experience a new feeling of happiness.

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