3 Critical things to know when learning how to text girls.

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to text girls?

Are you in a situation where she’s not texting you back? 

Or even worse…she hasn’t responded in a while

It happens to tons of guys, so if it’s happening to you don’t be ashamed.
How to text girls is a science. One we’ve uncovered.
And in this article you’re going to learn 3 of the best things to do to text girls. 3 things that will always have her responding to you. Craving to hear from you, and even wanting you to invite her over. 

The first thing you need to know about how to text girls is that you must NOT be needy. 

We are all busy, and girls probably have more than a few guys texting her at the same time. 

If you send a text, and she didn’t respond right away…give it time. 

It means that you haven’t earned her texting you back right away.

You must earn that through witty text messages and diving deep into getting to know her through text. 

Once you earn that right, she will text you back right away, and even begin the conversation with you. 

Do not text more than TWO times without getting a response. 

If she hasn’t responded, use another form of social media to communicate with her. 

Maybe respond to a story she posted on instagram, or like her comment or picture.

This is a way to nudge her to remember you texted her, without actually texting her again and having 3 unread texts in a row. 

The next thing guys need to know how to text girls is that women can smell neediness from a mile away. 

Are you always responding with a paragraph when she asks you a short question?

If so, you need to learn to evoke a long answer from her, rather than you going on about yourself. 

The trick in how to text girls is to get her to tell you about herself. 

So that she is always giving you information. 

If you’re not respecting the 80/20 rule, you may have problems. 

80/20 means that you text 20% of the time and get her to text 80% of the time. 

This will ensure that she is always telling you a lot of herself, and becomes comfortable doing so. 

And the third thing you need to know about how to text girls, is that roles play a huge part in the way she sees you. 


By roles, we mean how she perceives you. 

Are you always available whenever she texts?

Or are you busy and don’t respond right away?

If she texts and asks you what you’re doing, do you say, “nothing much”?

Or do you respond with something cool like, “Just reading a new book about technology”?

Making yourself appear high status will help you attract her. 

Women don’t want someone who is doing nothing with their life. 

They want a man who is always striving to be better. 

These 3 things will help you immensely when learning how to text girls. 

But they are only a few of the many things you need to know when it comes to truly understanding the science of texting. 

Luckily for you, we’ve put together this video for you which shows exactly what to send her. 

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