The #1 WORST Thing To Text A Girl..

By Robbie Hemingway
America’s Digital Seduction Expert

There is a MAJOR problem that’s endemic with guys and causing them to be rejected by women…

The overwhelming majority of men – yes that probably includes you – don’t know how to text women.

The right way..

..And because of this, they screw up any chance at sex they had with the girl of their dreams within the first few texts they send.

So before you hit that “Send” button on your your next text, you NEED to read the rest of this article and learn how to text girls.

You see, I’m around 9s and 10s every day of my life at VIP & Red carpet events in Hollywood

It’s my job (not a bad one either).

So yea..

I know a thing or two about how to text girls..

Especially how they respond to guys texting them..

I’ve broken the code and narrowed attraction down to a simple, easy to use, science that any man can use if learned correctly.

And in just a second..

..You’re going to learn the secret, too.

But first, let me explain to you how I came to this revelation.

A few years ago I became absolutely obsessed with investigating what really
made women hot and wanting to tear a guys pants off vs. what made them
cold and join a convent.

I spent years reading as much as I could about female psychology, interviewing
the best minds around about the topic, and testing it all out..

Different texting styles, different key words..

..and you know what I found out?

It all came down to ONE thing.

ONE thing that could either make or break your attraction with a woman.

ONE thing that could either have her legs spread wide open on your bed, or
have her ignoring your all your texts and calls..

Sadly this ONE thing is what I see most men display.


Before we dive any further into this topic, understand one thing.

It is NOT your fault..

Movies, television, and books show us the same type of “needy” guys that
Movies, television, and books have engrained in us this type of “needy” guy that the media has convinced us women want, when in reality…

..they want the opposite.

Especially when it comes to how to text girls.

You may not know this, but right now in
your pocket, you are holding the key to get
in ANY girls pants..

And it’s not your money, no.

It’s your phone.

And with a single text you could have any woman youwant bent over the
kitchen table begging you for more..

But your neediness is screwing it all up.

And it’s being displayed in multiple ways:

*Always being the one to initiate the conversation
*Constantly asking her out even though she rejects you
*Texting her and telling her that you NEED to see her
*Being available at any moment of the day for her
*Asking for her opinion all the time
*And much, much more..

And like I said 98 percent of men do this DAILY.

The worst part is they don’t even know they’re doing it.

Because you see, women are much more emotional than men and because of
that, they’re a lot better at identifying what you are subconsciously saying through
your text messages, even though you are completely oblivious to the fact that
you’re doing it.

And when she reads you as “needy”..’ve lost.

You are NOT powerful anymore.

And a woman will gradually lose her attraction to you within the blink of an eye
if she senses even a hint of neediness.

Be honest, does this sound familiar?

You meet a girl and you absolutely hit if off. Your banter is on point, the
connection is there, the sexual tension is there, you’re on your A-game..

You get her number.

You start texting her and as soon as you do, something feels off.

She’s not acting the same as she did in person, and she’s taking forever to reply, sometimes hours.

And after a while she stops texting you altogether and you’re left stuck wondering
where you went wrong.

What happened?

You were needy.

And if you’re reading this and wondering where you went wrong with the last girl
you texted, I need you to promise me one thing.

That changes.


The next time you hit “send”, or think about how to text girls, ask yourself this:

“Does this text make me sound needy?”

If so, change it.

Position yourself as the guy that she’s always excited to text, not the guy that
gives her a “battery acid face” every time she sees that it’s you that’s texting her.

You’ll thank yourself when you realize that
over time SHE will begin to become the one
that needs YOU.

But your work doesn’t stop there..

Because you see, although neediness is one of the main reasons you aren’t
succeeding with the women you want in your text messaging..

..there are THREE other “Death Texts” that you should avoid more than ebola
that crush her attraction faster than the blink of an eye.

But BEWARE my friend!

Although deleting all neediness from your life can be a powerful attraction-booster with women, I’ve discovered that there are at least 3 other popular behaviors that most guys have been told are “attractive” but actually turn women off and
kill sexual attraction dead on the spot!

Avoid these 3 “popular” behaviors that actually
KILL female attraction dead on the spot by
watching this urgent video on the next page: