How to Impress a Girl over Text

Undoubtedly you must have thought at one point about how to impress a girl so that she becomes captivated by your charm.

When it comes to impressing a girl, timings play a major role. Unlike guys, girls rely a lot on feelings and emotions especially when it comes to falling for the man of their dreams. Most men quickly fall for a woman who is physically attractive. It can be more difficult to text a girl and impress her. Leaving most guys wondering how to impress a girl.

With text messaging, you create magic by balancing emotional connections and impressing her with things like charm, wit, and humor.
You can make a girl go crazy over you with a few well-timed text messages over a few days.

Whether you are texting a girl who you’ve recently met at a late night party or you’ve known her for a while, the most important thing to remember is to have fun while you text.
Keep those texts playful and lighthearted. Bringing a cute smile on her face when she glares at your message is the best was to impress her.

We’ve rounded up a few simple steps and tips on how to impress a girl over text so that she falls for you in the least possible time span.

Tease her: Poke fun at her at the drop of a hat. Teasing a girl definitely makes her feel challenged and it portrays that you aren’t a suck-up. Moreover, it displays you have enough guts and this helps attract her towards you.

Make fun of yourself: A sure shot way to make her smile is to make fun of yourself. This helps her realize that it’s okay for her to let her guard down. She becomes very comfortable with you and will begin to like you.

Try to guess her answers: Another way to keep the conversations more engaging is to guess her answers. This is a great way to look different from other guys and get the girl interested in you. For example: “What’s your plan this weekend? Maybe a coffee break with me after a hectic week will keep stress and anxiety at bay. Thanks girl, you are so sweet.”

Make her chase you: Women love challenges. They are turned off by men who make things too simple and easy for them. Don’t over text her ever. Too much texting is likely to ruin your image. The thumb rule says the one texting the most is putting a lot of effort and is doing the chasing. So it is better not to over text her and keep the ratio 1:1. How to impress a girl over text in a simple way.

Make her feel special: Stroke her ego. Make her realize that she has gradually made a positive impact on you and she is into your mind 24*7. For example text her-“While walking down the garden, I saw a cute squirrel and it reminded me of you.” She is sure to go gaga over you.

How to impress a girl over texting isn’t an intimidating task. Don’t forget to compliment her appearance or say something about her personality so that she feels fuzzy inside. Talk about how special she is at the end of your conversation. It is the perfect balance to make girl fall for you while texting her.

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