Want to To Get A Girl To Like You Over Text? Read On..

Everything you’ve read about how to get a girl to like you over text is wrong. 

All the google search results are wrong. Why??

Keep reading till the end to find out the REAL way to text a girl so she likes you.


Here’s why the articles are all wrong. 

Because the people who wrote them only experience SOME success with women. 

What defines success? Dating a 5 or 6? Getting a girlfriend?
If that’s the measure of success than anyone who’s ever had a girlfriend and has texted her is successful. 

What makes us think that we know any better than the other 8 million results that come up when you google “get a girl to like me over text”

What gives us the balls to say that we know better than anyone else?

Let me introduce you to Robbie Hemingway. 

how to get a girl to like me over text

He is a dating coach who is also Hollywood’s top VIP Host. 

Meaning it’s his JOB to get the most beautiful women around him to fill up the clubs.
If he brings a 6 or 7 to the most exclusive clubs in Hollywood, it’s a bad look for him. 

This means he only has 10’s around him. 

And here’s the other thing. 

Since he really lives this life every day of the week,
he has nothing but proof of it. 

how to get a girl to like me over text

How in the world does he accomplish this?
How does he make these women come out with him just by using text. 

Well he’s finally released his Hollywood insider secrets to guys willing to learn and better themselves. 

Because if you want to get a girl to like you over text, then you need to START doing what’s right, and STOP doing what’s wrong. 

Robbie has a video he made explaining exactly what he does to get the most beautiful women in the world out with him on any given night. 

how to get a girl to like me over text

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Because if you copy what everyone else is doing, then you’ll have mediocre luck like every other guy.
Following what people think works means that you’ll be using the same tactics.

And there’s no better way to not stand out in a crowd of guys texting the girl you want, then when you are asking the same questions they all are. 

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