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What’s up boss.

Hope my last post pumped you up

to be a handsome challenging guy and showed you
how to flirt with girls.

robbie hemingway vip attraction how to flirt with girls

I know it did because it pumped me up too 😉

Today I’m going to give you gold.

3 Conversation Starters that will work with

ANY girl and will show you how to flirt with girls.

​Use them and watch how well you touch

​her emotions and stir up attraction.

The hotter they are the better it works too.

But..Before I get to that, I have to give you

some serious props.

I’ve been getting amazing feedback

from those of you who have started

putting into action the easy to use

3 step process to get any girl you want

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When you use that stuff after the very

first day studying it and it gets you laid

the same NIGHT and you email me about it…

You make me as happy as a fat kid who

just discovered a jar of Oreos.

Why sit at home with your phone in your

​hand wondering why she wont text you back.

When you have the proven 3 step strategy

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Life is SO much easier.


Conversation starters..

What are they anyway?

The definition of a conversation starter is:

“A question or topic that creates a dialogue between two or more people”

Whether it’s been a few hours, days

weeks, or even months between your

last texts…

You have to know how to flirt with girls , and ways to start the

conversation back up in a way that will

make her WANT to text you back.

The main word here is “WANT”

If you send the same lame conversation

starter that every other mediocre

(Non-Team Capital guy) sends like:

  • Long time no talk.
  • How have you been?
  • How is your day going?
  • How are you doing?
  • Hope you’re having a great day, do you have any plans later?
  • What’s new with you?
  • It’s been a while, hope everything is well.



Because…if it’s not yet obvious why not.

I’ll give you a hint.




Need more? 😉

Text Gods start every text with a spark.

Sparks are what ignite fires.


If sparks ignite fires, why in the hell

would you not be trying to cause sparks to

fly as much as possible?

Even if you messed up and lost her interest

because of something you did pre-Text God era,

These 3 conversation starters will help

you re-ignite that “Spark”.

Every one of these has three MUST HAVE

things to make that spark and will show you how to flirt with girls.

​1. Link it to something you know about her.

2. Challengingly make fun of her.

3. Make her laugh.

Without further ado..

3 done for you conversation starters

1. So i just read this story..this 57 year

old woman swam the english channel and it

reminded me of you because you swim..but..

Let her respond..

Then you text back-

Yea that’s pretty insane, although you aren’t

nearly as cool as her to be able to accomplish

it..because after all…you ARE X 😏

You can make up a story about anything

(doesn’t have to be swimming) it can be

anything she does, as long as you poke fun at

her for not being as cool as the person who did it

because she is X..blonde, not as hot as, not as old

doesn’t have cankles like her, etc…

You can make up anything for X.

2. So I was just talking to my friend about X

and i was dying lauging…

remember that one time when we X. 

Let her respond..

Then you text back-

“Yea that was pretty hilarious. We’re well 

overdue for another adventure..pick a day

next week. It’s on 👌.”

Be authoritative. Already assume you’re

hanging out next week, you’re just giving

her the option of selecting which day SHE

gets to see YOU.

3. (My current personal favorite)

If you know she hates or loves a certain

type of food..use that to your advantage.


You’re at the grocery store and you see

shepherds pie and she told you she hates

shepherds pie…Take a picture of it and

send it to her and say:

“Guess what I’m eating tonight..don’t

you want some in and around your mouth 😏”

She will say something like

“EW I hate shepherds pie lol”

If its a food she likes, you can use it as

an opening to invite her over.

Send her a picture of her favorite

food and say:

“Someones favorite food just fell

into my hands…” [Picture]

She will reply something like

“OMG my fav!”

Then you text back-

“Cancel the plans that you don’t have yet

and come over for dinner at 8…someone

other than me has to taste this perfection…

I’m talking about the food, don’t get dirty

thoughts creep 😏

If she says she can’t make it, text her once

you’ve cooked the food and are ready to eat it.

…Damn, perfection doesn’t even begin to

describe what this tastes like..maybe next

time you’ll make the right decision 😉

The trick is that you’re stimulating her visual,

and taste senses at the same time.

There you have it.

3 easy Done-For-You ways to spark up a

conversation WITHOUT giving away any

power or sending lame texts every other guy


Don’t say I never did anything for you 😉

Although you now have some amazing ways

​to initiate the conversation, what do you after?

Inside Text God,

One of the things we go over and dissect

are proven strategies to get any girl you want.

From the very first “Conversation Starter”

text..to how to make her want to bang you,

and everything in between.

Next level stuff if I do say so myself…and i do.


Damn that was good..

I think I’m going to make a training video

on this subject for you.


Robbie Hemmingway.

P.S. I would have sent this email a lot earlier

today but I got a surprise visit from 2 models from

England that I met during the summer…

Just walked into my house and surprised me

a few hours ago…flew all the way from London

to see me.

…and they want to have a good time tonight.

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