How Do I Text Girls If I’m Shy?

Great question.

If you’re a shy guy and you’ve come here looking for advice, I’m so glad to have you here. I’ll admit something to you before I was Hollywoods biggest promoter and sleeping with women 5 nights a week, I was SUPER shy. I would always say as myself the same question you have, “How do I text girls if I’m shy?”

Not in the, “I can’t talk to women” shy, but more in the “I’m friends with so many women but I’m too shy to make a move on the ones I like” shy.

This can be even worse than the “I can’t talk to girls” shy because I was around them all the time, wanting them so bad…but wasn’t sure how to cross that all-important bridge from “friend” to “sex partner” or even “boyfriend”

After years of studying the woman psychology, I broke the code, and out of my shell.

I want to help you understand the most important things you need to start doing TODAY to get you out of the place you’re stuck in and start being the guy that makes women tremble at their knees.

When you uncover the secrets how to bring that powerful lion that’s inside of you to the surface…the lion that’s currently hidden by fear, you’ll be fvcking unstoppable.

We’re going to solve the question, How do I text girls if I’m shy.

First, you need to realize that YOU are the prize. You hold every trait, every attribute, every emotion, needed to satisfy even the most beautiful women in the world.

It’s inside you, You just need to hone in on it, feed it some protein so it grows massive muscles, and let it out.

FEAR is what is holding you back.

Fear of being rejected, fear of failure.

What if I was to tell you I can guarantee you today…that if you texted 10 girls the RIGHT way, you would get laid at LEAST once.
You wouldn’t be asking yourself  “how do I text girls if I’m shy” Anymore.

You see, when you let fear go. When you let go of that invisible force that holds you back. When you say fvck it, and just be yourself…

You are amazingly powerful.

The problem is shy guys tend to be someone they’re not…they put on the ‘SHY GUY’ Facade.

I say facade because that’s not REALLY you. That’s the you that you show women.

But the lion inside you is just waiting to tear itself out and expose himself.

I’m not saying it’s easy, and I’m not saying it’s going to happen overnight. But just like anything, with practice, you can get to the point where you want to be.

I want to help you reach your goal today.

I have a special report I’ve created for shy guys, which shows you the best messages you can send a girl without thinking.

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