Dating & Relationship Advice That Actually Works. From Hollywood's Top Promoter.


Dating & Relationship Advice That Actually Works. From Hollywood's Top Promoter.

Here in VIP Attraction, You will discover groundbreaking attraction methods that are light years ahead of what anyone else is teaching. Robbie has designed state of the art systems for making any girl want you simply by following a few easy steps:


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How To Text Women

Robbie developed an easy to follow 3 step system to text your way into ANY girls heart. He calls it the “Plant, fertilize, Harvest” System that’s been used successfully by 50,000 men and counting. If you can follow a simple process, you can implant sexual thoughts into a woman subconscious and literally make her do anything you want.

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Dominating Social Media

Getting numbers in person is like driving a horse in a jet pack age. Too much time, Energy & MONEY is wasted going out every night to get numbers. What if every date you went on was already a guaranteed lay? Robbie invented a strategy to make your social media get numbers for you automatically.


Successful Networking

Arriving in hollywood as a nobody who couldn’t get into any of the “cool” places, Robbie figured out a way to network with other successful people to climb the social and business ladder. He used this network to create partnerships with very successful business people and has evolved to become a massively successful entrepreneur.

Testimonials from real clients

Hey Robbie, My sincerest thanks. I recently separated from my wife and was having a hard time meeting new women. I travel a lot for work and so it’s hard for me to keep something steady at home. I got your Instagram VIP training and came across the part where you show how to find women in places you’re traveling to. Man I gotta tell you that was a revelation. I never knew I could do that before. Now before I travel, I already have 4 or 5 women who i have dates with in the places I’m traveling. Thank you SO much Mr. Hemingway.
Liu Z
You win… Robbie, I thought I was the “smooth texter” I’m really good at talking to girls and thought for a long time that it translated into texting. I fought you a lot on what you used to say because I thought I knew better. Then I thought to myself, maybe I should just try what he said to do. And I couldn’t believe it. My success rate went up 40% just by following what you said. I appreciate you drilling into me the foundation for texting women plus all the strategies and secrets you reveal in Text God. Thank you
Ricky B
Hey Robbie, I finally did it! I broke through my lack of textpertise (I call it that) I was afraid to text them because I would always end up with women not responding to me and I never knew why. This became a very serious problem for me. I came across your Text God Vip program from a buddy who said I NEEDED to have it. I read the entire thing, applied what I learned…and now that fear of rejection is gone! I couldn’t have done it without you. Cheers
Terry W


Robbie was Hollywoods top A-list Promoter & VIP Host to celebrities.

Arriving in Hollywood knowing no one, but determined to get to the top of the social mountain. Robbie Hemingway develop and tested new ways to attract women, social groups, and status in the hardest city in the world to attain those. 

Working his way up from becoming a no one, to a promoter at the A-list Hollywood clubs, his job was to find the best looking women using texting and social media, develop relationships with them and take them out with him to the most exclusive places in the city.

He is now helping regular guys find and attract the women they want & deserve by exposing the underground methods he’s developed & perfected in his groundbreaking training courses

learn 3 things you need to do when texting women