Guide To Texting Girls

When looking for a guide to texting girls, its imperative that you ONLY follow the best and trusted information from the best dating coaches….or else you risk more failure than the kind you’re already experiencing.

You see, texting girls is an art form. There is no magic bullet or 1 word phrase that will make her fall for you immediately. Any guide to texting girls should have solid key strategies that you can use on any girl any time and anywhere.

Here are key warning signs to watch out for when searching for a guide to texting girls.

1. Does he have a proven track record?

How do you know he’s actually someone Worth listening to?

Is he just a random guy in his moms basement telling you what to do? One of the biggest ways is what’s called “social proof”.

Do you ever see him out and hanging out with hot girls?

Many of the thousands of badass guys who follow my coaching programs do so because they see my Instagram and see that I’m out every single night with beautiful women at the most exclusive places in Hollywood.

My social proof is undeniable. But a lot of dating coaches who have guides to texting girls, don’t have any of this. All you see is a website with words and few maybe no pictures of them with these supposed girls they hook up with.

2. Does he teach “substance” vs “flash”

Any guide to texting girls should include overarching strategies.

What does this mean? It means that they should show you the foundations of attraction and how attraction actually works inside a girls head so that you can understand it and use it to your benefit.

Why do girls fall for a certain guy? What does he say that makes her attracted to him? What is the bottom line formula that works?

If a dating coach isn’t giving you this, he probably hasn’t found it out himself.
Beware of this because you can put your trust in someone who isn’t worthy of it…and by following someone who doesn’t even truly understand the inner psychology of a woman, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

3. Listen to your gut.

Your instinct is a powerful thing. It can open save you from tons of pitfalls and mistakes.

What does your gut tell you about this person? Does it say ”Go for it”? Or are there red flags that tell you “Stay Away”?

Just because you WANT to a guide to texting girls and are ready to turn your dating and sex life around forever, doesn’t mean you should just listen to anybody. Misinformation is just as strong as good information.

Training yourself with bad information and changing who you are as person can do tons of damage during your life.
Listen to your gut and it will never deceive you.

Those are 3 key things to look for when looking for a dating coach to follow.

I hope you’ve seen my sincerity in giving you the down low secrets a lot of people don’t talk about.

If you’re ready to start transforming your success with women, I hope you’ll give me the chance to turn you into that badass guy you and I both know you have inside you….you just haven’t figured out how to let him loose yet.

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