VIP Attraction Podcast

Getting Girls On College Campus

College can be one of the most fun and memorable periods in a young man’s life and a big part of what makes this so is meeting and hooking up with hot college girls.

So on today’s episode I want to talk about how to get girls while you’re in college.

We’ll go over:

► What to say to a girl that gets her to lower her guard and feel ok with coming over to your place so you guys can hang out and get to know each other better or “seal the deal”

► How to make a girl see you as an ambitious man who is going somewhere with his life and not just another immature frat boy who will be a waste of her time

► What most college girls are looking for at this stage in their life so you can exhibit these qualities, become exactly the type of guy they’re looking for and get to choose which girl(s) you want to be with

You can make your college years some of the best years of your life and hooking up with the girls that go there is how you can do it.

Robbie H.