Get More Followers On Social Media

Hey, This is Robbie Hemingway From VIP Attraction

Let me ask you a question…
How much time do you “waste” on social media?

Now when I say “waste”…I mean don’t just spending time social media.

Social media is the #1 powerful tool you have to get women and build networks.

If you want to:
Get more followers on social media like instagram.
Meet more women.
Get more snapchat followers.
Or anything else having to do with with social media

Then I’m glad you’re here and you’re reading this.

And…to those people who are against social media I say this.


When I say time “Wasted” on social media I mean the literal definition
of wasted.

“Using carelessly or with no purpose”

If you scroll through your newsfeed on instagram
aimlessly, just to like pictures of hot girls and entertain
your eyes for a fraction of a second..that’s time wasted.

When you post what you think is “cool” on snapchat
throughout the day without a goal…
That’s time wasted.


If social media is the #1 tool you can use to attract
women, friends, and success…

How do you go from ‘wasting’ time, to spending your
valuable time on it with a goal?
The goal in this case is to get more followers on social media

Great question dude,

#1. You have to identify what your purpose is when you are on it.

Are you looking to get more women to follow you to hook with?
Are you looking to build your network on instagram?
Are you looking to build more influence on social media?
Focus on what you want to accomplish and stick to it.

#2. You have to STOP doing things just to do them.

Do you go on social media when you’re bored? If you are,
having a purpose should stop this negative habit in its track.
Rather then being bored, you’ll attack it with the power of
Thor when he throws his hammer.
If you’re used to liking a ton of pictures of a hot girls on instagram without
having any plan of how to attract her and get her to notice you
…STOP it.

If you don’t know how to make instagram your figurative b!tch:

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Alright dude,
Go eat protein


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