VIP Attraction Podcast

Is Social Media Killing Your Game?

Hot girls are on their phones all the time, checking their social media accounts and responding to messages from friends, people they know and guys who want to meet them.

And if you know who I am, then you know that I use social media all the time for hooking up with chicks .

Social media is the foundation of one of my most popular programs called “Instagram VIP Training”.

But social media can also hinder your success and ruin your chances of meeting new girls.

That’s what this episode is about:

► How to tell if your social media habits are sabotaging your opportunities with girls

► How to use SM to go out with girls more often and be on your phone less

► How to use SM to improve your social skills with girls (this is perfect if you’re an introvert)

► How to get girls to want to get to know you better after seeing your Instagram (this is for you extroverts out there)

Social media is a powerful tool for meeting and hooking up with hot girls in your area.

To learn how to do this with IG, get my program “Instagram VIP Training”.


Robbie H.