Hey dude,

I need to tell you something…

Everything you’ve ever learned about getting women is out of date…And BARELY works.

I don’t mean to scare you but I have to change the way you think and approach women, or you’re going to be left in the dust…

But First,

Ever wonder how the art of Game is going to change over the next few years?

I predict…

1) The human race will get even fatter. And the few remaining hot chicks will be hounded by swarms of desperate guys.

2) Women will stay single longer. Why? Because they can.

3) Your online reputation will be more important than ever. Think about it… she’s going to be able to find out everything about you with

a push of a button. They can almost do that already.

Ok enough of the crystal ball. Now for the big news:

Everything you’ve ever learned on getting women is out of date..

PUA (pick up artists) techniques been obsolete for years now. If you slide up to a woman at a bar and throw a cheesy pick up line, she will immediately look at her phone and act like she’s busy.


Because what used to work before just doesn’t anymore.

And…because woman are obsessed with social media.
Let’s be honest, if you don’t have social media,
she will either think you’re married, completely
out of touch with this generation, or you’re trying
to hide someting.
And that brings me to my point…
Instagram is the new “game”
And it’s a GREAT thing for you.

Because you don’t have to lift a finger, send one text, spend money at a bar, or even leave your house to get women to notice you

You can develop an obsession and attraction in her for you, all through that little app. How do you do that?
I’m glad you asked: It’s only natural that I help you learn the

secrets that have made me so successful. And helped me become the top VIP host in hollywood