Best Dating Tips: How To Text A Girl You Like

When it comes to the best dating tips, texting is one of the most critical areas of seduction to be mastered.  Why? Maybe because texting, just like writing, is an art form which, if studied, can drastically help you reach deep into the inner psychology of a woman. That deep area where TRUE attraction begins and is sparked.

Physical attraction fades quickly. That girl you wanted so bad at one point, that you would do anything foe, well, now she is like any other next door girl.

But if you are powerful enough of attracting a woman mentally, you’ve uncovered an attracted 10x’s stronger and longer lasting than a physical one.

For Example, have you ever seen these women who are OBSESSED with a singer?

Off course you must have. They’re in the front row SCREAMING uncontrollably and waving their hands at the performer, tears of excitement running down their face, in the hopes that they can just get a slight touch of his skin and after which they feel their life would be complete.  Such kind of obsession doesn’t happen suddenly, it is build over years.

This is called the power of lyrics. The words they use in songs are meant to touch a trigger point

In her brain, words trigger bringing up a rushing current of positive emotions to the point where it leaves her in complete and utter euphoria. This is the reason why song writers are considered as the REAL magic behind the singing sensations and why they’re paid so handsomely.

So if you’ve come here wanting to know what to do texting a girl you like…

STOP. Fret not , we have you covered!

Forget the best dating tips, texting is what you should be REALLY focusing on. Because to master the art of texting, is to master the art of digital seduction. The art of softly triggering different attraction points in her mind. Painting a picture of euphoria, with just words and you being the source of that euphoria means she will absolutely crave you day and night.Moreover, she will completely fall for you and will do whatever it takes to please you.

Best dating tips no. Best texting tips, yes.

Being able to say the right words at the right time and hit those trigger points, like for example, Enrique Iglesias can, with his songs spellbound women.

Here’s the nice part:

It doesn’t matter what you look like, how much money you have in the bank, how big your belly is, or where you went to school. Developing an intense mental attraction in a woman negates all of the physical aspects.

Forget the best dating tips, texting is what you have to concentrate on.

Believe in yourself and aim at captivating a woman with texts, especially in this digital era.

Texting is something you cannot get around. Dating tips keep changing with the advent of time but the ability to affect a woman so intensely that she has that urge to come over to your house at that instant, just by combining symbols on a white screen (Just like the ones you’re reading now) is what you should be looking to master if you want to impress women.

When it comes to dating tips texting is the key. Surprisingly, there are some surefire done for you texts that you can simply copy paste and send for instant success. Even if you’re not Casanova at writing, you can enjoy the same success. That is what I wish to portray you today! As you see, writing is what I do for a living.

While texting 100 women per day every day for over 3 years while I was a Hollywood promoter, I’ve discovered that there are certain texts you can send in certain situations, that will begin to mold her into not only expecting to text you, but to be completely infatuated and excited to text you back.

All this is already done for you. Everything is pre-packed for you to make that great impression on your girl. I proudly call it the 67 BEST text messages.

It’s a cheat sheet you can use immediately to begin any conversation with any type of woman, no matter whether you just met her at a bar last night, or she didn’t respond you in a while.

You can read about it HERE!

To Your success

Robbie H.



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