Do THIS And Make Her Want You


By Robbie Hemingway
America’s Digital Seduction Expert

“If I had money I wouldn’t have a wife.”

My cab driver told me that while he drove
me to the Vegas airport 30 minutes ago.

Thought it was hilarious so obviously I
had to share it with you.


What’s up dude..

I got a question today from one of my
bad asses in the Text God Inner Circle
(which, if you’re not a part of you should be)

He was sharing screen shots of texts he
was exchanging with a girl and asked when
is a good time to be “challenging” with a girl.


There is a very specific time to be “Challenging”

with a girl when you’re texting her..

The answer is..


Always Be Challenging (ABC)

Ever seen Glengarry Glen Ross?

If you haven’t, do yourself a favor.
I’ve graciously provided you with
the link to the best part.

(Watch it AFTER you’ve read the rest of this)
==> Watch this for inspiration

Obviously he’s talking about closing deals
but we will be talking about challenging women.

When texting women you need to always
think to your self:

“Am I being challenging or am I being a pushover?”

If the answer is the latter…then you know
something needs to change.

Wanna know a secret?

Women LOVE to be challenged.

It turns them on. It makes them wet in places
they didn’t know they had.

If you can challenge a woman, it makes her
want to live up to some kind of expectation.
An expectation that YOU created.

A challenge that only YOU can deem her a winner of.

Women love winning 😉

And you should love being the giver of
the gold medal for a job well done.

Women also love gold.
Whether it’s the gold they wear, or the gold
you subconsciously implant in her mind when
she feels like she made you happy by meeting
what ever expectation you set for her.

Marvelous creatures aren’t they

Assholes get girls because…wait for it…
they “Challenge” women.

When you aren’t a pushover and stop piling
on the compliments about how beautiful she
is, or how she’s amazing..

Hold on..I need to go self-induce myself to vomit
for even writing those words.





Ok back..

Luckily I haven’t eaten much since I’ve been in
Vegas for 3 days so not much came out.

Anyway, back on track.

When you STOP doing what every other mediocre
guy is doing and instead you START doing what
no other guy is doing, she will take notice of you.

Ever wish that ONE girl would notice you?

Yea..I used to be that guy.

Wanna know why she doesn’t notice you?

I’m sure you can guess now from reading this



I got some good news….
it’s not too late to start now.
And it’s perfect timing too.

Because I promise you, after you watch
that link I gave you, coupled with reading
this newsletter, you’re gonna have so much
fvcking POWER, that you’re gonna wanna text that
girl right now.

Do it…

Don’t wait any longer.

You now have another tool in your arsenal to be that guy
you know you have inside you.

That guy who bangs 9’s and 10’s consistently.

Because we all know attraction isn’t physical.

So get that shit outta your head.

Attraction is mental.

But still…

Get your ass in the gym still..because
Team Capital dudes improve themselves
every way’s just what we do 😉

Challenging a girl is only one of the MANY
things you need to know to seduce women.

I’ve spent 3 1/2 years texting on average 100
HOT girls per day.

Once you become a Text God you can do…

What ever YOU want to do with the number.
Up to you pimp

You need to learn how to

Intro text
Use Emoji’s correctly
Create desire
Get nudes
Get her on a date
Get her to be your GF
Win an argument.
and tons more.

If you’re already perfect at it then don’t bother reading my
VIP newsletter…but unless you’re banging 80% of the girls
in your phone, then you owe it to yourself to read on 😉

Alright dude well my flight is here so I’m off to
La La Land.



Robbie Hemingway.

P.S. I’m pissed..literally not ONE hot girl on my flight.


Oh well..after this weekend, my sword
needs a good rest. Poor guy has been worked
to exhaustion. Not my fault all these girls are tired
of average guys and literally throw themselves
at me.

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