VIP Attraction was created by Robbie Hemingway

Robbie was Hollywoods top A-list Promoter & VIP Host to celebrities.

He is now America’s #1 digital Seduction coach.

When arriving in Hollywood, Robbie was a nobody who couldn’t get into any Hollywood “Hot Spots” where the beautiful women and hollywood elite hang out. The VIP strict guest list only places.
Vowing to break into the elite Hollywood scene, Robbie became a promoter.

He first discovered methods to meet thousands of women through social media simply by following a simple strategy that would get him 10 new numbers/day.

He then used text messaging to make these women develop an intense attraction to him by using a 3-step process he invented called the “Plant, Fertilize, Harvest” Method, which can make any women want to please you simply by sending certain text messages.

Having 20+ women with him 6 nights a week for over 4 years, Robbie discovered the best way to make a woman want to rip her clothes off for you. These include saying specific trigger words that will kickstart the attraction machine in her. Ways to touch her that will implant sexual thoughts in her mind. Successful body language to have around women that make you look instantly confident and authoritative, & tons more.

At the same time he was using social networking secrets to meet celebrities, successful businessmen, dignitaries, politicians & more..

Robbie started showing these secrets to high end private clients who would pay him thousands to learn these methods.

But, after seeing how many roadblocks men have getting the women they REALLY want, and succeeding in life & finance, Robbie decided to expose his underground methods and show regular guys how they too can experience incredible success in all areas of life.

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