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What if you always knew the Perfect text to send her every single time…and for every single situation?

Let’s be real here.

You’re reading this page because you want to know one thing. How to make your object of desire want, need and demand to fuck you.

By the time you finish reading this, you’re going to be able to

  • Make any girl want you at any time
  • Hold all the sexual power
  • Make her forget every other guy she’s texting
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 I’m about to reveal to you

“The 67 BEST Text To Send A Woman”

But you have to know these three things

1. No one has EVER seen these

They are the next generation, cutting-edge, desire-creating texts. Everything you’ve ever seen on texting is old, outdated, overused, and let’s be honest…Lame.

“The 67 BEST Texts” is light years ahead of ANYTHING you’ve ever seen”


2. It’s not for guys who want to bang average women.
These texts work on the absolute most stunning and famous women in the world. It wasn’t created to bang 5’s and 6’s. You don’t need these to bang ugly girls, if you don’t want to bang 10’s DON’T get this. Frankly it’s direspecful to me and yourself to use these on ugly girls. And therefore not for guys too scared to implement the methods, tactics and techniques described within.


3. You’ve been searching for the next generation of pussy attraction texts. Girls are looking to fvck guys who have them, they’re STARVING for it.

Developed by me and tested on female celebrities, athletes, and models in the heart of Hollywood

Each one is GUARANTEED to work. I’ve personally not just tested, but PERFECTED each method.

So if you’re NOT serious about making every woman in the world think
you are a walking fuck-magnet… it’s probably best you don’t continue reading.



  • The Secret male repellant implant that makes her reject all guys and think of ONLY you when she gets hit on by other guys.  (Text #61)
  • A “Sex Special” tactic to produce thoughts of you fvcking her brains out throughout the day. Using this bold maneuver imposes your dominance and makes her CRAZY for you. (Text #28)
  • An newly discovered ‘Game’ strategy to Make her send you nude pictures throughout the day. (Text #54)
  • How to make her want you RIGHT when you send her that first intro text… before you even get her in bed (Text #44)
  • The Sex for grapes trick. Don’t freak out! You don’t actually have to buy grapes (Unless you really want you)… sex for grapes is a powerful trick you can use immediately. Revealed in… (Text #23)
  • The ‘99 cents sex dream’ Make her have a sex dream about you the same night and unleash her inner sex animal. (Text #8)
  • Why playing The picture Game is the fastest and easiest way to Stealth Seduction. (She won’t know what you’re doing until she’s sending you pictures of her naked and completely exposed body to you.) (Text #42)
  • The stalker trick..Don’t be surprised when she shows up at your window that night).  (Text #33)
  • How to get her to have sex with you in public. (Text #67)

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67 Besrt Text Openers

Did you know that female celebrities who get told what to do and when to do it secretly get turned on and wet?

I’ll show you how to get the HOTTEST girls in your city to do the same thing for you.

You’ve been searching for the next generation of pussy attraction texts. Girls are looking to fvck guys who have them, they’re STARVING for it.

They’re so bored with the same old lame texts. This is the exact type of thing you’ve always wanted but have never been able to find in other so-called seduction manuals.

In “The 67 BEST Text Openers” everything is exposed. Everything is fair game.

67 Best Text Openers


  • How to leverage ‘Pussification’ other women to make her see YOU as the dominant, alpha male. A man who has options yet chose her to have sex with . (Text #65)
  • Pick up line Reversal: My most favorite way to quickly turn a girl off to other guys, and onto me. As quick and easy as as if she just saw Leonardo Di Caprio. (Text #59)
  • This astonishing ‘Sex Dream Comfortability’ strategy reduces your object of lust to a quivering, sex dream-crazed wreck.  (Text #36)
  • The 3-step text sequence to have a girl anchor positive, intense memories with you. The result? She instantly becomes more open to letting you BACK into her life… and her bed. (Text #27)
  • The often-overlooked power of The favorite food Advantage. Every girl is a sucker for this but it’s UNKNOWN to 99% of men. (Text #48)
  • The secrets of the ‘Follow demand’ (the classified and perfectly disguised little text that gets her to follow your DEMAND right off the bat. (Text #57)
67 text Img

When you get REALLY good at “The Wine Trick” you’ll find you can use it on any girl at any time. And you’ll want to.
Best part? It’s a fun little sexual parachute that guarantees she lands safely…in your bed.
I guarantee you’ll be using it A LOT…


And that’s just a fraction of what these newly discovered celebrity seducing texts can do for you.

Sex-inducing implanting strategy.

That pre-launch reviews have called “The new standard for text messaging greatness”.

  • Copy and paste this sensual seduction language to your vocabulary and and send her these words that will turn her on and make her hot and horny. (Text #32)
  • The ‘Rhianna’. A downright magical interest sparking technique “inspired” by well…Rhianna.  (Text #17)
  • Beware: The devious “Stalker game” that immediately escalates sexual tension. (Text #66)
  • The art of The thirsty vulture. Use this on every single girl you meet at a bar. Mastering this skill turns her into a sex-mad hellcat ready to rip your pants off! (Text #46)
  • Wanna know the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac? Hint: it’s NOT chocolates, roses or oysters. (Text #8)
Blind women

Every one of these texts demonstrates your power and dominance. She’ll be helpless to resist your charm.

Use these cutting edge seduction inducing texts and find out how you too can bang Hollywood celebrity type women.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg…

Read on

  • Perform this simple ‘mind hack’ so stunningly powerful, her mind will flood with ‘pantie-dripping’ images of the two of you between the sheets. (Text #30)
  • The Command And Conquer technique I used on one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities! (Text #68)
  • The “Wherever you go” technique to automatically make her sexually escalate ON YOU because of your carefreeness. (Text #51)
  • How to make her accept you’re going to bang her. Believe there’s nothing she can do about it. And know it’s what SHE wants. (Text #69)

Make her addicted to you by always having the right thing to say that separates you from every other guy.

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Here are what people who received advanced copies of “67 Texts” had to say from using the secrets in this book

“Finally got rid of that wrenching feeling in my gut that I had sent the wrong text!”

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have this book in my hands. It’s literally my kryptonite for women. I always struggled when texting women (I’m much better in person) I was so damn tired of losing women over text because I didn’t know what to say. But I FINALLY got rid of that wrenching feeling in my gut that I had sent the wrong text! I’ve been using the lines on girls so hot that I never thought I would be texting them..let alone winning them over. Every time I text them is like giving them a little bit of kryptonite that opens their.

Thanks boss! James R.
“You’ve given me power I never thought I would have!”

I’m recently divorced after 19 years of marriage (Thankfully)
I’ve never had to text girls before so this is all fairly new to me.
Texting to me felt like being in a rocket ship ready to take off but without having any pilot training whatsoever.
I felt so overwhelmed by all the new things the young generation was doing.
Thank you so much for you book, You’ve given me power I never thought I would have!
I don’t even have to try, all I do is open your book and randomly pick a line to send to her..They all work!
I’m texting a 23 year old right now and she think’s I’m the coolest guy in the world because I’m texting her things only young people text.

Thank you so much! Benjamin D.
“Already got laid twice this week because of it!”

WTF man…where did you come up with this stuff?
Insane to think that NOBODY else has this…
Can you please not release it so I can have it all to myself?
This stuff is TOO good lol. I don’t want other people having it too. I already got laid twice this week because of using it! The sex dream text is hands down my favorite.
Bro, seriously, thanks man….don’t release it please 🙁

Jermaine L.
Finally! Texts that actually work!

You sly bastard,
When you told me these were light years ahead of the texts everyone else was using I was skeptical..
But after using them and realizing the impact they had on women..I told myself, “Finally! Text’s that actually work!”

Cheers bruv, Collin M.

How did I come up with these 67 Texts?

I’ve been living in hollywood amongst the most famous celebrities and am always around them.

I noticed that there were certain things you could do when texting high profile women and extremely hot women that would make them not only respect you, but WANT and DESIRE you.

When you unleash these hypnotic, desire-inducing texts, all you have to do is sit back and let her come to you.

The best part is these are already done for you! All you have to do is copy and paste.

Since Hollywood is the proving ground where things are tested and then sent out for the rest of the world to consume, it was only natural that these 67 texts were tried and tested amongst the inner circle of the Hollywood elite.

I have used them to bang female celebrities, models, college students, directors of operations for a famous movie production company (And her friend), olympian athletes, and just regular party girls.

The reason they work so well is because it’s so far ahead of what anyone else is doing or teaching, that no woman has ever been texted this way so it creates the adrenaline pumping desire exactly like they should.

Even more techniques at your disposal

  • Learn my favorite text to send to get her to drop all the other guys she’s texting and ONLY focus on you. (Text #18)
  • The ONE emoji to use to spark her interest and make her laugh. This is so good you don’t even need to use words!  (Text #41)
  • The three-text interaction that will have her over at your place without her even knowing how she got there! (Text #7)
  • How to use the “Sexual transmitter” secrets to transplant your thoughts of sex into her mind and make her tell you her fantasies. (Text #20)
  • Use this Text to make her realize YOU are better than all the other guys who are texting her and make her want ONLY you. (Text #31)


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