How To Confidently Find Hot Women On Instagram

 Have you ever wanted to meet girls on Instagram but don’t know how?

Hey, This is Robbie Hemingway From VIP Attraction
Do you ever like pictures of girls on Instagram but never get any love back?
You need to know how to get a girls attention so she notices you and adds you back.
Getting girls to add you is an art form. I’ve studied this art for over 3 years now and I want to share some secrets I’ve uncovered on how to get notices on Instagram.
If you want to meet girls on Instagram then make SURE you read this to the end.

Are you ready?

Let’s find out 5 ways to meet girls on Instagram

#1. You won’t meet girls on instagram if you don’t add them!

A lot of guys are scared to add girls because maybe other girls will
see you’re liking or following a bunch of girls.
It’s a numbers game.
It’s also how you meet girls on instagram
Keep in mind your follower to followers ratio.
If you have 500 followers but are following 3000…
That ratio looks VERY bad.
It gives off a signal to girls looking at your instagram that says
“Why is no one adding him back? There must be something wrong with him”

#2. She won’t add you or like your pictures of you like a TON of her at once.

Getting to meet girls on instagram is a touchy art. Do it wrong and they will
never add you, they might even block you!

Liking a tons of girls pictures to get her attention is wayyy too aggressive

She will think you are a creep who can’ t control himself .
Don’t be this guy.

#3. Find something in common with her. 

Be smart about this, do you have anything in common with the girl you want on instagram?
There has to be something you share. Find this and start utilizing it to create a connection or attraction with you and her.
Do you both like the beach?
If so, comment on her picture of a beach with someting “NON-sexual”
Just create genuine commonality between you and the girl you want.

4. You’ll have a better time getting girls to add you who are local to you. 

Why would a girl 1,000 miles away add you?
You probably will never meet so she has no reason to add you.
Stick to your area and you’ll have better luck with this.

5. Post the right kinds of pictures. 

If your instagram is bad, with bad pictures and a bad profile…
she will never like or add you.
You have to follow the correct posting strategy, and know which kinds of pictures
to post to make women attracted to the person you are.
You have qualities that will attract women when you meet girls on instagram, you need to learn what those
are and how to show them on your instagram.

There you have it. 5 ways to meet girls on instagram.

This is just a tiny portion of what you need to know to really
excel and have a massive following of hot women following you.

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