Have you ever gotten that feeling in your gut
that something is wrong when you text her?

Do you feel like you’re chasing her and not making any progress?

Do your conversations hit a dead end?

Did she stop responding all together?

It means you’ve texted her something wrong and now you’re feeling the unfortunate results.

Texting is an art form, and those who master it get the fruits of their labor…

  • Getting laid,
  • Getting a GF,
  • Creating a fuck-buddy relationship.
  • etc…

Those who don’t study texting (99% of the population) stay in that frustrated state where that girls number they worked so hard to get will turn into nothing but wasted time.


Before I show you the solution…I want to teach you

5 Texts that mean she’s not that into you:

1. she texts one word responses

“k. ha. I see. oh.”

what this means-

One word responses means she is still interested but she isn’t being asked the right kinds of questions or isn’t having her interest sparked enough. If she wasn’t interested she would just not respond.

If you keep sending boring, uninteresting texts…the next step is she will just stop responding altogether.

2. She stopped responding.

What this means-

The boring texts became progressively uninteresting or you became to aggressive with her to the point where she just decided she would rather spend her time responding to another guy who sparked her interest more than you did. Women have no shortage of men after her, guys all looking for one thing… to get her into bed. It’s a dog eat dog game in the world of text messaging so being an apex predator will always win out over the more domesticated dogs.

3. she always seems to be busy.

“I’m sorry i’m busy”

What this means-

She doesn’t find your invites to see her in public important enough.
This happened because of the way she was texted from the beginning of the relationship.
You need to place importance, energy, and fun into her seeing you so she’s excited to. And jumps at the first invitation you send her.

Women have so little free time as it is and they like to spend that precious time with guys they are so interested in mentally, or physically that they want to jump their bones.

4. She takes forever to respond.

what this means-

You are low on her priority list…as in plan B, C, or D. Women never have only one plan. They will always text the guy they want first, and when they inevitably get a delayed response or a downright rejection by that plan-A asshole (asshole’s inevitable get the girls, not because they’re an asshole but because they exhibit an “I don’t care attitude” that women love) they then text their plan B and so on and so forth.

5. She tells you she just wants to be friends.

“I think we should just be friends”

The ultimate sign. Women will always shy away from confrontation, so if it got to the point where she had to actually send the, “We should just be friends” text, it means she was so uncomfortable by the way you came onto her, (way too strong) or the you spilled your guts and told her how you feel about her (one of the biggest no-no’s ever). You are now relegated to what we call the friend-zone.

Simply put, you MUST eliminate these disastrous texting methods from your mind and start sending good, flirtatious, INTEREST-SPARKING texts if your goal is to get her into bed fast.

Better yet, just follow the drop dead simple texting plan that we lay out for you at the link below. It’s so simple…after all, we tell you EXACTLY what to text, step by step right here:

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Happy Texting!

Robbie H.